Tips for Using a Co-Packer to Scale Your Food Startup

For those who are looking to continue growing your food brand, you may have already considered whether you should look into USDA certified co-packers. In some cases, outsourcing all of your manufacturing to another company is the best option, while in others it may not be. It’s also important to realize that not every co-packer is of the same quality and it is always worth searching for the high-quality option.

Consider Why You Want a Co-Packer

Before choosing from USDA certified co-packers, consider why you want one. Are you having trouble meeting production in-house? When your company grows, this is a common problem and one that a co-packer can assist with. It can be less expensive since building a larger production area has many costs like rent, equipment, certification, and labor. A co-packer will also help you save time by focusing on other things


Be Aware of Your Manufacturing Process

When you choose to work with a co-packer, you need to have a high level of understanding of your current manufacturing process. This is how you ensure that you are going to get the right product. This might mean being present for test runs while also having an awareness of your ingredient costs. One thing that many don’t think about is the packaging your food is in. You want your food to be usable and nourishing, but you also want it to catch the eye of your customer.

Do Your Research When Choosing

Not everyone is going to think the same co-packer is the best one out there and that’s okay. Because of that, it is important to think about what your needs are and then take the time to search for the company that can meet them in the best way. After you find a company you are interested in, you should get references to get an idea of how past clients found their services. Having a clear vision, understanding the full manufacturing process, and doing your research will go far when selecting from USDA certified co-packers.

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