Co-Packing / Private Labels


Chef Select316 Offers Contract Packaging Services You Can Depend On

Many companies offer custom food products; they’re just looking for contract packaging services to help them package it. Co packing is something we at Chef Select316 offer to our customers, and we’re proud to partner with you to meet that growing demand and help you grow your small business and take it to the next level. If you are a business in Newark, NJ, looking to get your custom food products packaged and out to the public, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is Co Packing?

Co packing is partnering with packaging manufacturers to get your custom food product packaged, labeled and out for the entire world to see. Whether it’s a new recipe you have tried or a food you know the world would love, everyone knows the packaging is what sells a product first and foremost. If your packaging is shoddy and your label isn’t creative or prominently displayed, your product is doomed from the beginning. At Chef Select316 in Newark, NJ, we know how much your product means to you and will work with you to give it the proper packaging and label that will attract customers when they see it on the shelves.

Let Us Help

We want to help bring your vision and your food to life. Our orders are freshly made, affordable and always top quality. If you are searching for the perfect co packing partner, we are ready to help you become the success you want to be.

Ready to get your food out on the market in a pretty package? Contact us for all the help you need.