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All our fillings are hand made with our chef’s secret recipe

Chef Select Empanadas – Food Solutions for Newark, New Jerseys

Do you want your customers to enjoy a taste experience they will never forget? There are some things which stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons, and our beef & chicken empanadas are one of them! Carefully created from fresh, wholesome ingredients, our empanadas and other products are all made in small batches, using traditional recipes which benefit from a contemporary twist. This results in delicious, beautifully prepared meals that are straight-forward to serve and a pleasure to eat.

Discos Pastry Dough, Empanadas and More for New Jersey

We offer a wide range of different menu choices, enabling our clients to pick options which are tailored to the needs of their customers. Choose from chicken meals (including chicken masala, grilled chicken and BBQ style chicken), side dishes (such as rice or grilled vegetables), beef options and a selection of other choices. Our meals meet USDA guidelines and we favor healthier choices, providing great nutrition at the same time as providing dishes which are packed with flavor.

Tapas De Empanadas for Adult Catering in Newark, NJ

From care homes through to conference centers, restaurants, residential facilities and anywhere else where large-scale catering is required, our menu of tasty options can enhance the dining experience for your customers. All of our food is prepared and cooked in hygienic conditions, using premium ingredients. We take care with our storage and packaging, making sure that each meal choice reaches you in perfect condition.

Newark, NJ, Tapas De Empanadas

We are the provider of choice for a growing number of hotels, professional caterers, nursing homes and other customers who need tasty, nutritious, convenient meal options. Each of our dishes are easy to reheat and serve, minimizing labor costs when it comes to preparation. We know cost matters to our customers, which is why we keep prices competitive without ever compromising on the quality and value of what we offer. To find out more about the choices we offer, place an order or to find out more, call us at (973) 900-6153.