6 Handy Steps to Help You Find a Food Supplier

When it comes to spicy chicken empanadas, you wouldn’t want to make a hiring mistake. If you’re looking for a food supplier, make sure you run through the following steps.

Ask around

If you need to organize an event and need to look into hiring a food supplier to provide meals or platters for a large group, you could run into a bit of trouble. Don’t know where to start? Reach out to family and friends. They’re often an excellent source of help and information. With just a few phone calls or texts, you could have a list of the best suppliers in town for spicy chicken empanadas.

Check their reputation

Before you think about hiring the services of a particular supplier, be sure to check out the company’s reputation. Know more about the firm’s background and history. Dig into the data. How long has it been since the company opened its doors? Who are the people behind it? How much experience do they have in the industry? What kind of credentials do they hold? All these information will help you decide if you’ve found the right supplier for your event or not.

Are they available?

Figure out the company’s delivery commitments. Can they get the job done within the given time frame? Are they available? Do they have an open slot for you or are they fully booked? Put in a call and find out. If you’re ordering food for a large group, make sure you call the firm well in advance. That way, you won’t have to worry about not getting a slot.

Look for feedback

Find out what other customers say about the food supplier, its products, and service quality. Check out reviews. Are they generally positive or not? Are there problems that keep getting mentioned by clients? That could indicate recurring issues. You’ll want to find out more about that before you proceed with the hiring process.

Double-check everything

It never hurts to doublecheck everything to make sure you and your supplier are on the same page. It won’t take you but minutes and you’ll get the reassurance of knowing everything is in order.

Communicate clearly

Be clear about what you want. Talk to the supplier. Use references. Clarify any questions they might have and ask your own as well. With clear communication, you can look forward to excellent results.

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